Re(20): they are everywhere

Look fucking asshole and Nazi trash, if you’re going to resurrect the phony “I’m a high minded libertarian and serious problems with both parties” shtick you really shouldn’t have your first paragraph be pure wingnut drivel. I’m sure in your pathetic wingnut mind there is an epidemic of women around the country, probably quite slutty women in fact, who decide after 7 months of being pregnant “fuck this, I’m getting rid of this thing.” They then run down to Planned Parenthood, abort the child, have some pizza followed by a lesbian orgy, right? The overwhelming majority of late term abortions are performed for medical reasons when the life of the mother is at stake or the fetus has been discovered to have something horrifically wrong and, if born, would either not live long or would suffer terribly. Now I just know you voted for/supported Todd “Legitimate Rape” Akin in 2012. So not only are you in favor of the government forcing women to give birth to the child of their rapist but also are perfectly fine with forcing a woman die to give birth to a child whose short life will be nothing but pain and suffering. “Pro Life” indeed. For the record, I’m not opposed to late term abortion restrictions so long as it accommodates medical reasons described above because I know that women who are pregnant for that long WANT THE KID. You haven’t a clue about anything.

Now on to the real doozy. Obamacare couldn’t have had Republican ideas in it because no Republicans voted for it? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Right! Certainly the noble, responsible, honest, dignified Republicans would never display dishonesty and cynicism and vote against ideas they supported in the past (as in a few weeks before voting for it) for political reasons! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! This has to be the dumbest, most ignorant thing you’ve written and that is saying something. Your beloved Republicans voted against therefore it must be just ghastly! What a PARTISAN WINGNUT HACK you are fucking asshole and nazi trash.

Trump has been in office for a year. It’s clear what he wants to do with Wall Street and that’s whatever Congressional Republicans and his corrupt Oligarch Wall Street Cabinet tell him to do with it – that’s deregulate the fuck out of it, gut Dodd-Frank, destroy the CFBP, allow investment advisors to do whatever the hell they want even if it fucks their customers, and give them a massive tax cut funded by you and I. And regurgitating lies now about Fannie and Freddie. I shot that one down earlier. 12)lying about Fannie and Freddie causing the housing and economic crisis. Forgot that one. Obama didn’t do enough but he signed legislation that attempted to reign them in and Republicans bitched and moaned about it. And you supported them then and now. And if you’re so up in arms about Glass Steagel why not push for your Big Daddy and the Republicans you adore to put that progressive FDR policy put it back in place? What’s stopping them? Oh, they’re bought and paid for hacks who have spent that last 80 years trying to destroy the New Deal with partisan wingnuts like yourself cheering them on? More evidence you’re completely full of shit? You got it Nazi trash!

Are you really going to link to Faux News/State run media propaganda? Jafarzadeh is a neo-con hack who is on the Faux payroll who has been peddling this garbage for 15 years. If half of what this neo-con who you love like all neo-cons said was true it would be easily detectable. It isn’t being detected – as Rex Tillerson indicated.

The Reuters article is from two fucking years ago shortly after the deal. And developing rockets isn’t a violation of the deal you lying fuck. Two years? Where’s the nuke asshole? Rex Tillerson couldn’t find it nor could the IAEA.

And I’m a fucking partisan traitor? Has Trump met with Mueller yet?

Now fucking asshole and nazi trash, if you’re going to lie about your positions and statements you really shouldn’t do so on a message board where your lies are easy to find. You never said shit about Trump and his Gitmo policy. I brought it up. YOU glossed right on over it. Just another issue that you were silent on during the Bush years, suddenly gave a shit about during the Obama years, and are now right back to not really giving a shit about it. I acknowledged Obama failed in closing it but he dramatically reduced the population – which Trump was opposed to him doing – you didn’t mention that liar. Trump wants to send more people there – which you didn’t mention that either liar. I gotta say, you Dubya loving Trump Nazis are really something. Bush started the program, Trump wants to keep it going, but it’s all Obama’s fault for not closing it. Your favorite Governor shitting his pants about them possibly ending up in Leavenworth really helped the cause too. What filth you are.

You’re right, we have been over this shit time and time again and now you’re just repeating the lies all over again. There’s that Nazi credo in action – “the bigger the lie…”

And I agree again – there is no point in debating you. You are not interested in having an intelligent, honest conversation because you are Nazi Troll Trash. You must finally be through the checklist. Thank God.

Yeah, you really are a Nazi. You excuse and apologize for them. You lie. You discredit facts. You call media that doesn’t report favorable wingnut coverage 24/7 “fake.” You trash religious groups and people with a different sexual orientation as you as being Satanists or having disorders and blame the ills of society on them. You want to punish and imprison your political opponents. You’ve just blatantly lied about your positions and mine during this endless back and forth.

The Cons are on borrowed time and they know it. The demographic clock is ticking and they’ll do whatever it takes to maintain power. Voter suppression, foreign interference, oligarch cash, and losing the majority of the vote only will get them so far. Power hungry leaders with a useful idiot base motivated by nothing more than hate and vengeance. The ingredients are all there.

I agree with your comment below as well. Enough is enough. It’s long past time for you to tap out. You’ve embarrassed yourself thoroughly and appear to have some serious psychological issues. Your politics are the least of your problems. You’re not getting my email address though Fucking Asshole and Nazi Trash.


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