Re(21): they are everywhere

"overwhelming majority of late term abortions are performed for medical reasons when the life of the mother is at stake or the fetus has been discovered to have something horrifically wrong"

You have no evidence for that claim, just your opinion as usual. Tiller was skirting the law that required an independent second opinion. Tiller regularly performed 3rd trimester abortions that the psychological health of the mother was cited as the medical reason, and then rubber stamped by Tiller's paid colleague. You support infanticide, you filthy ghoul.

"You never said shit about Trump and his Gitmo policy. I brought it up." Yes you did. Trying to deflect from the correct assertion that I made that Obama broke a campaign promise. You still can't admit it.

"And developing rockets isnít a violation of the deal" I never said it was, but it is a violation of a UN treaty, and further proof that they still have a nuke program.

Just more lies and distortions. You are a waste of time.

And who asked for your fucking e-mail? Not me you fucking psycho.


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