Re(22): they are everywhere

The fact that you really believe that there are women out there who get to their third trimester and just decide to end their pregnancy for shits and giggles just further shows what a toxic wingnut you are. What an insulting thing to say to women who have had to do end their pregnancy late for medical reasons. You clearly donít have any respect for women, especially since you supported Todd ďLegitimate RapeĒ Akin, you filthy rape supporting Nazi.

Bush began Gitmo policy. Not a peep from you though. You voted for him in 2004. You voted for Trump in 2016 who wants to keep it open. Again, not a peep. And yet all you do is blame Obama who you didnít vote for. I voted for Obama in 2008 and in 2012 with the hope he would close it. He tried. He failed. I admit it. You refuse to hold the politicians you support to any standard at all because they tickle your bigot bone. Youíre a disingenuous piece of human waste and a filthy partisan hack.

Right, lies and distortions because you say so. The Nazi way.

Youíre wrong, youíre a liar, and you know it troll.

At least do every one here the service of taking your inevitable temper tantrum to more friendly terrain. I really donít feel like having to shoot down your recycled lies a second, third, fourth, 20th time.


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