Re(23): they are everywhere

"end their pregnancy for shits and giggles" no, they do it as a form of birth control. And it happens plenty. Once is too much. Somehow you love it.

Again you muddy the waters on Gitmo. Bush didn't say he was ending Gitmo. Trump didn't say he was ending Gitmo.
Obama said he was ending Gitmo, but he didn't. You are a dumbfuck.

"not a peep" - and how would you know? Do I record my every waking utterance to this blog? No. And yet I did say I opposed it. So you are wrong. Again.

No tantrums here, just simple facts. Sorry they are hard to hear. I know it shatters your carefully constructed fantasy land.

You are a stupid libtard fuck who has an inflated sense of ego.


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