Re(24): they are everywhere

Conflating common forms of birth control and abortion – a common tactic from Akin supporting wingnuts such as yourself. It’s all the same in your mind. You don’t have the fucking slightest idea about what you are talking about – which isn’t surprising.

I’m not muddying the waters. You’re right, Bush and Trump never said they were ending it. Bush started it and Trump is continuing it – and you love them both anyway and refuse to criticize them for their stance. While I get that pointing out the failings of the first black president probably gives you more pleasure than I want to think about, your bitching and moaning about him failing to clean up the idiot you voted for twice’s mess just continues to illustrate how utterly full of shit you are DUMBFUCK.

The only criticism you’ve offered up of any Republican is Trump’s escalation in Afghanistan – 10 months after the fact. Other than that you avoid, lie about, excuse, or ignore their transgressions. And of course you then turn around and support these policies that you lie about being opposed to all over again now that your Big Daddy is bringing them back. So yes, I know exactly where Dubya supporting, Tea Bagging, Trump worshipping partisan fucks like you have stood for the last 15 years. Hypocrites each and every one of you.

You’ve presented zero facts. Just assumptions, declarations, or just outright lies that take about 5 minutes to rip to shreds. What I would expect from a Trump Nazi Troll though. Just marching on through that trolling checklist, facts be damned. “The bigger the lie…”

Probably about time for you to change gears though and start trolling/apologizing for Greitens isn’t it? Was blackmailing his mistress also a form of birth control? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


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