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Re(10): In other words, you love taking your balls to USAPL!

Ok, someone has to call BS on this stuff. I've watched this dribble on for days now. Lots and lots of words but still a nothing burger.

You go on and on dropping names and throwing around words like "investigation", "done wrong" but still you and your henchmen haven't said 1 specific thing.

Are you guys boyfriends of the woman in question? I mean, what's up with all the wordy nothingness? This is surely a complete JOKE. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it must be a duck, a joke.

Ironic you wrote: "Does anyone have anything of actual substance to offer? I really have seen nothing. "

This looks like a lovers spat or plain hysterical drama. Still nothing to see here. Go ahead now, you and your drama queens post "you'll see", "investigations take time", "someone lost their job" blah blah blah nonsense.


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