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Name: Ingmar

Age: Adult

Gender: male

Appearance: A base coat of that special vibrant steel-grey that many refer to as "blue," stormy and dark. Mottled over this canvas in big irregular harlequin patches is a glossy black, giving him a distinct merle appearance. This obsidian most notably hoods his eyes, making their shocking china-blue depths all the more vivid.
(image reference for his coat)

Personality: arrogant. Cruel. He and his brother grew up being treated as princes, handed everything they could ever want on a silver platter. They have never heard the word "no" . . . or at least, they've never heard it and listened. Women, food, luxury, Ingmar is used to having all at his beck and call. He has only come to Blossom Forest on a lark, fully expecting to return home to his kingdom after expending his aggressive energy with the fun here. Don't look for mercy or patience in his gaze. You will not find it.

Breed: Russian

History: one of the heirs to the throne, Ingmar grew up without hardship or punishment. If he ever did anything wrong, punishment was always handed over to a whipping-slave instead, one who received violence so that none would ever touch the prince's pelt. He was meant to learn by watching how the slave was treated...but of course he never did. Ing is at the age where he will soon take over control of the kingdom; however, before he does, he and his sibling have decided to wreak as much havoc in this strange new land as possible.

OOC: xathira

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