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Name: Idal

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Appearance: Drop-dead gorgeous, just like his brother Ingmar; however, where Ingmar is a dark brooding storm, Idal is all sweetness and glistening beauty. His base coat glimmers a bright butterscotch, spattered with strawberry blonde merle. This pattern is thickest on this tail, painting his whole banner russet. He has the same piercing blue eyes as his sibling, though his are alight with laughter.

Personality: Full of mirth and wicked humor, Idal can usually be found surrounded by an adoring crowd. He loves to tell jokes, to charm, to flirt. An attention whore, through and through. Like his brother, Idal is not used to hearing "no" or being punished for his actions, and although he is not as outwardly malicious as Ing, Idal is still just as cruel. The main difference is that Idal will be smiling angelically at you as he torments you.

History: Same as Ingmar.

OOC: xathira


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