Re(1): Solar panels? Recycle time?

To Katko Watch web site people..... please sue me... IF YOU SOLD YOUR PEARL PAINTED, FULLY LOADED, 425 grams of co2 per mile, 36 THOUSAND DOLLAR, AWD, SUN ROOF, remote entry, back up camera, dual exaust covered in aluminum, SUBARU, and bought a cheaper non fully loaded car you would have ENOUGH MONEY TO BUY USA SOLAR PANELS . when u bought that beast at the dealership, what where you REALLY thinking. watch undercover voter for more....
sue me....

read if you want... dont want to bore you/
No news from US liberal democrats on the ITC, international Trade Commission, on Sunvia and solar Worlds bankruptcy. Yet we talked about the bird at Destiny USA from ESF professors. They cant be this spoiled?
Yes. I talked to a few.

Schumer helped the steel and Alum. people. he helped the grape growers with 18 mill. Is he and Gillibrand afraid to hurt installationers.
you know the narrative we use.

why is Solar W. important? read about it patents and PHds running the place. do we want to give it all to the Chinese because of 863? THORIUM banks?

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