i don't wanna die

Aura seemed to be thinking about something, so Bohdi let her do it. Her mind was too full of all the fun things she was going to do when she found her ren anyways. Which... what did one do with them, anyways? They were important for... stuff and things. And like... super important. Maybe it would grant a wish? Bohdi imagined herself rolling around in all the fixings for sandwiches - every sandwich you could imagine. Or maybe she'd get one of those fountains full of the sticky sweet drink, but instead of the drink, she'd put ice cream in it. Big great globs of ice cream. Her stomach rumbled loudly, drawing her out of her musing long enough to wipe up the small amount of drool that was escaping her lips.

Aura was distractedly correcting her - the shark was not a shark but a penguin. A penguin! COLD! Bohdi shuddered, quickly stepping back from that crack. She didn't like the cold, not one bit. She nearly tripped over Aura in her hurry to get away, but Aura didn't seem to notice as she was working on... something. The thing they were here for. That... that one thing. Oh, right her ren. Bohdi loudly applauded as Aura finished her wardrobe changes, almost missing it when Aura told her what to look for. A plastic toy lioness? That... didn't seem like something that granted wishes at all. But maybe Isla would like to chew on it. Or the new baby! Ah, the new baby. She would show it off to everyone just like last time, and Rana would feed her good food and-

Right. The ren. Bohdi half-skipped to a nearby crack, peering unashamedly through at whatever waited. There seemed to be some people in there, doing people things, but not her lioness. The next crack yielded yet another penguin, and Bohdi gave it a stern glare before she moved on. Bohdi took to narrating each crack aloud, describing in detail the things she found important. Which were most certainly things no one else cared about, especially not Aura.

"What was I looking for...?" she mumbled some time later, cracking a tired yawn. And then she saw it, gleaming at the bottom of a cold, dark... ocean? "THE LIONESS!" She turned to Aura, pointing at the figurine. She really hoped Aura wasn't going to make her swim for it...


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