tomorrow i will come back

so you can throw me to the wolves
tomorrow i will come back

leader of the whole pack
Cypress fidgeted a little, at first. She wasn't much good with nobles; the only one she'd had much contact with had been another Throwback like herself, and even he hadn't been... what was the word... noble. He'd been a lot more normal than most of his rank, especially being a High Noble. She'd thought she'd loved him, once. But now that she'd met Thoth... well... her affection for Jacks paled in comparison. She gave herself a firm internal shake, trying to focus her attention. It snagged on the dog in Althea's arms, and instantly Cy softened. The quick glance behind her, towards the wolf, and Cypress' face broke out in a genuine smile. Anyone who had a wolf as a companion and a puppy in their arms couldn't be all bad, noble or not!

"I guess you could say that," she replied. " 'Least while the kennel master's out." She didn't dare add thank the gods in the presence of her societal better, but she sure as hell thought it. She moved to the fence, mindful of tiny paws and tails all around her, and warmed even further at the sight of the little puppy in the lady's arms. "He's a beauty! Is he yours, my lady? May I ask what kind he is? He looks a bit like a borzoi, but I've never seen one with such a lovely black coat."

Her fingers itched to touch the silken dark fur, but she knew it was probably some sort of breach of protocol to do it. She bit her lower lip to fight the urge, shifting anxiously when the lady turned her attention to the bruises on her arm. "Oh, I'm alright," she tugged a little at her sleeve, which didn't do any good at covering it, short as it was and forced a smile. "No biggie."

Cypress blushed a little, abruptly realizing her lack of manners. "I'm so sorry, my lady. I'm Cypress, one of the Kennel Boys here." Catching the wolf's glance towards the shadows, Cypress' smile wavered a little. "That's... my familiar, Qarinah. She's..." Cypress shifted, rubbing absently at the point above her heart. "New..."


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