I don't really want the spiders, thank you.

Most of his life had been spent outside of Shaman. This was all fairly new for the fairy; the environment was certainly a stark contrast to the usual deserts he had been living in for the vast majority of his existence. He kind of missed it now. Except for the times sand got in his sandals(which was fairly often). He’d never liked that.

No one ever really bothered him, and Asef was certain it was because of his hastily put together appearance. Wild hair seemed to be good at warding most of them away. If someone did attempt to pull his attention away from his boring hobby, the fairy most often answered with a noise of displeasure(it was most certainly not a gurgle). However, there would be no disturbers today; he was quite certain that most tended to not venture to the far corners of the library. So, he’d leaned back, stretched his legs out to rest his heels on the chair in front of him and continued watching one fairy after another wander about the castle grounds.

The only indication of being startled was the soft thud of his feet hitting the floor and a quick flick of his head to the fairy in question. Asef had seen strange things, but it was still startling to see someone standing on top of a bookcase. He was sure he’d break his neck if he even tried to climb up it. Dignity and self-preservation prevented him from ever trying such things. Blinking twice, he recovered and gave a shrug and a smile. People watching wasn’t particularly fun, he supposed, but he found it strangely entertaining. It was a decent way to find out someone’s quirks and habits. With a final glance shot towards the window, he focused his attention on the fairy in front of him (or rather, above him, really).

“I suppose not.” He glanced at the kingsnake wrapped around her neck, and smiled. He’d always preferred snakes. “I’m more interested in how you...” He waved his hands at the bookcase she was perching on now. Someone climbing a set of bookcases would catch everyone’s attention fairly quickly in a quiet place like this. She hadn’t even so much as made a peep, and this disconcerted Asef a bit.

((;o; Sorry so bad. Redoing his entire personality is hard.))


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