some challenges

Posting with diff player characters:

Caldera: Silver (5)
1. With Ithiel
2. With Danny
3. With Flynn
4. With Lusitania
5. With Saffron

Acquisition range:

Adopted Althea & renamed to Inara
Posted twice here and once here.

Superpower chars:

Bronze & silver for Inara (8 powers)
* Shapeshifting (fruit bat); Disease Transferal; Wallcrawling; Super Strength; Glows at will; Unnatural hair; Claws; Cartoonism

Silver for Anapa (8)
* Mediumship; Death Sensing; Shapeshifting (california sea lion); Bone Summoning; Bone Animation; Zombification; Corpse Sensing; Hospice

Gold for Nephthys (15)
* Earth Manipulation; Emotional Suggestion; Shadow Manipulation; Night Vision; Perfect Recall; Gills; Size Manipulation; Electrical Manipulation; Camouflage; Adoptive Muscle Memory; Metal Manipulation; Ship Control; Super Sight; Fangs; Made of Earth (repressible)

Silver for Angela (8)
* Immortality; Solar Sensing; Solar Enhancement; Photosynthesis; Solar Manipulation; Shapeshifting (unlimited); Light Weapon

Bronze and Silver for Xiang (12)
* Zoolingual; Magnetism; Divinity Sensing; Shapeshifting (lion); Part-shifting (lion, weak); Super Powers; Mathematician; Colour Manipulation; Glitter Manipulation; Rainbow Construct; Rainbow Generation; Changing Mark

2 bronzes at 50$ each
6 silvers at 200$ each
1 gold at 450$

(2*50) + (6*200) + 450 = 1,750 total to my bank pls

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