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Character Sheet: Robin

Name: Robin

Age: Adult; around 5 years

Gender: Demiromantic, Asexual Male

Parents: Unknown, raised by a distant relative

Siblings: N/A

Significant other: N/A… Maybe

Pups: N/A

Best friend: N/A

Enemy: N/A

Rank: Loner

Species: Grey Wolf

Description: Although his coat color depends on the season, Robin’s coat is a light, sun-bleached blonde color with an unusually fluffy thickness. The top of his back is generally a darker cream than the rest of him, fading lighter down his body. Two white markings are placed above his eyes, and a part of his muzzle going down to his underbelly to inside of his legs is white. All four of his feet have pristine white socks. His ears and tail appear slightly rounded and uncontrollably fuzzy due to this, and he tends to stay away from water. Under the fuzz, he’s a bit emancipated looking and scrawny weighing at 55 pounds which gives him even more of a reason to stay dry and fully fluffed. It’s hard to get any other wolf to respect and fear him due to his 2’5 foot height, which is often giggled at by taller females. Hiding his unhealthy, runt-like appearance is the best he can do to save his rough and tough reputation. Although they are usually darkened by sleep deprivation, his eyes are naturally an icy blue with black “eyeliner” markings around them.

Special Effects/Mutations: N/A

Special Marks/Scars: Scars lace both of his lower front legs, and he has a healed up place on his left front leg where he had a chunk bitten off of him.

Personality: Antisocial and introverted, Robin can appear to be just your crusty, cynical hot head with a bit of an anger problem. His fluffy appearance betrays the rotten attitude and pessimistic mood he carries wherever he goes. Despite his tenancy to hide himself away for days and snarl at any passing wolves, Robin does not mind the short periods of time he can tolerate agreeable company. Most times, it’s just an attempt to boss around or take advantage of somebody gullible enough to take a liking to him. Not only does he find being friendly and nice a challenge, but attraction and romance is just a wild fantasy to him. Some may call him odd for this peculiar trait, but how can you learn to love when you trust no one? Robin is a whirlwind of problems, and the imperfections that haunt him tend to dig at his pelt. With his lack of trust and sympathy, he falls into a self-dug hole of loneliness willingly. He prefers it this way. Once a wolf gains his locked away trust, it isn't hard to see that he's just a problematic creature like all the others. Despite acting regal and cold, Robin has his various soft spots and emotional weaknesses His ego melts into goo when an insect (especially spiders and cockroaches) crawls into his view or, heaven forbid, somebody gets him muddy/dirty. Germs and anything unsanitary can transform him from a prim and proper wolf to a crazed loner trying to wash his fluff like a cat. Despite his ticks, Robin is an intelligent and very logic-oriented wolf with little tolerance for stupidity. Any ignorant creatures are dealt with the same way: sarcasm.

Biography: After his parents were tragically slaughtered out of spite, Robin was taken by a distant relative to be raised. Unfortunately, he was severely mistreated up under the death of the old wolf. After that, he ran off to live as a cynical, vengeful loner. (Not gonna go into detail here; not sure how dark is too dark.)

Favorite Food: Doesn’t like eating much; will obsessively chew on chicory root

Favorite Plant: Chicory root; bring him some, he’ll probably be more agreeable

Introvert/Extrovert: Over the top introvert; INTJ-T personality type

OOC: Demon of the Wolves

RP/Plot Availability: Very Open

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