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Re(1): GLE reissue

Yes. It's the original 12 tracks in the original order, as was on the original Humbug pressing. NO extra tracks. Just the album, which Andy and I, especially Andy, took a great deal of thought over track ordering, only to have people come in and put extra tracks on for overseas pressings. These extra new songs had to be hurriedly made, with nearly no budget in another studio, then welded into the beautiful host like knobs into a fucking nunnery. I have no idea why cunts want to interfere with perfectly good records but they do it, don't they? They did it to the Beatles, the Stones and everyone else. I would like to see such acts of cultural vandalism made punishable, by stripping the miscreant responsible, tying his wrists to his ankles, then shoving a courgette into his arse and parading him up and down Broadway, Charing Cross Road or whichever thoroughfare was more populous. Fucking collector's editions, my fucking arse!


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