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Outlaws Training Logs

They're all liars, erry single one of em

Every woman wants my dick and they just say no to be difficult. Grow some thicker skin and stop trying to make a scene. Thatís why weíve got to unite behind every bro and tell these whores to just be quiet. Ainít nobody listening to their stories any how. Shit, I doubt any woman ever really has been raped. You look at a fine young man like gagglingoncock and youíd be smitten too. No man ever manipulated a position of power over some damn whore. Ainít our fault she canít tell the difference between sweet whisperings in her ear, free training for creepy stares, and a quick fondle on a Squat spot from harassment. Every dude thatís ever spotted me made sure to rub his junk on my ass and hold tight to my tits to make sure I wasnít scared. Nothing creepy about that. Not like we descended from raging whore monkeys looking to fuck everything that walks. Whores and them stories, nothing but liars.


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