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Re(1): They're all liars, erry single one of em

1. No cops just say "You took a piss, therefore, we dismiss". That lie right there should have made anyone with a fucking working brain call bullshit on this. As if the cops are going to open themselves up to such legal action. Can this bitch present a copy of the police report she claims to have filed? I'm sure she can't, because it's almost certain she never went to the cops.

2. 2 years to say it happened? Really. When have women ever really bit their tongues that long if something bad actually happened to them? For fuck's sake, they have to rant on social media all fucking day if they chip a fucking nail, you mean to say she just decided to not talk about being raped because, hey, let's wait until everyone else is talking about it? Get the fuck outta here with that nonsense.

You liberal twats think that you can play it both ways - you want to be seen as equals to men, then you act like batshit crazy fucks who get caught over and over making up false accusations and expect to keep your credibility over it. Can't have it that way, ladies. If you actually are assaulted, go to the cops and make a stand right there. If you claimed to have "not wanted to talk about it" for years and only NOW are coming out, you're pretty much guaranteed to be making shit up for some other purpose of revenge, attention seeking, or some other bullshit.

Either way, it'll be nice when we stop hearing about this garbage. Proof, or shut the fuck up, cunt.


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