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Let's take a better look beyond the story book

Name: Gracelynn
Biological Sex: Female
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Dark Auburn curls
Eye color: Amber Eyes
Skin tone: Lightly tanned
Age: 5 years old
Wing Appearance: Sunset Moth (The brighter colors)
Physical & Neuro-Diversity: General Anxiety and Claustrophobic
Familiar: Chi - black wolf (Using x1 Ordinary Familiar)
Player Name: Renny
How you found out: Fennic

Quick History:
Gracelynn was born in Rev. Her mother was a healer and used her magic to help other people. However, her father belonged to a group that hated magic users and would persecute and kill those who they found using it. He tried to convince his wife to stop using her powers, but she refused. Her father was angry with her and when he realized that Gracelynn could inherit the magic he went crazy. He left his wife and child and went off with his group, allowing them to turn him against his own family. One night, while he was away on business, other members of his group went to the home and killed his wife. Gracelynn was hidden away in a small closet by her mother who knew that the men had arrived to kill her. Before she hid her away, she warned her daughter to run as soon as she could and to never trust her father.

Gracelynn hid in the closet as she heard her mother being murdered and once the coast was clear she took off running. She ended up with the Redsea family who took her in as though she was one of their own and she had a very special bond with Faeyra.

Sample Post:
Amber eyes scanned the coastline once more as tears began to slip down her face.
"Fay-Fay!" Came the tiny yell from pink lips that had begun to tremble. Even the gentle nudges from Chi seemed to do nothing to calm the racing fear that grew inside her chest. "Fay, please come back. I miss you! It has been a month since she had last seen the purple haired woman. Rumors were that she had fallen into a hole and never came out, or that she had been hurt on a mission, or that she had simply vanished. Even her sweet aunts had been beside themselves with worry over Faeyra's disappearance.

However, the one who was the most distraught by the whole thing was little Gracelynn. Faeyra had been the one to find her and take her in when her whole world had been shattered and ripped apart and now the one who had restored her heart was gone. Gracie moved to wrap her arms around Chi's neck as she sank down into the sand beside him, her face pressed into his fur as the sobs finally came out, shaking her small frame. "Ch-Chi. Fay-Fay left me!" Her mended heart was starting to form new cracks. Chi turned his muzzle in her direction, gently nuzzling her hair and licking her cheek. "My sweet Gracelynn. She didn't leave you. You know deep down that Faeyra would never just leave. She loves you as much as you love her." His deep grumbles were soft whispers against her ear as she cried against his fur, matted down by her tears.

They stayed that way for a long time, the soft sea breeze blowing hair and fur in a gentle caress as though attempting to soothe the mourning duo. Chi only shifted when he heard the gentle breathing coming from his charge and realized that the little one had cried herself to sleep. Gently, he moved to nose her into a better position, laying down and moving to lay her against him, his tail curling around her for extra warmth. He would let her sleep until she found her strength and then he knew that they would be right back in the hunt to search for Faeyra. Nothing was going to stop Gracelynn from finding the woman who had become to much to her.

they say there are linings made of silver
folded in every raining cloud.

image by Naletu at Unsplash.com

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