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Re(1): Supplements and TRT for those that know

This is an unfortunate example of how stupid many doctors are when it comes to testosterone and prostate cancer. Morgentaler at Harvard has done a great deal of research in this area, and you can probably find some of his articles online and perhaps use to educate your doctor. There is not now and there never has been any link between testosterone and prostate cancer. The erroneous belief that there is such a link is based on a 1941 study, if you can call it that, that consisted of exactly one patient who was a eunuch. From this "study," the medical community somehow extrapolated the notion that testosterone causes prostate cancer, and that started being taught in medical schools. There was likely a puritanical component of this in that testosterone contributes to sex drive and is therefore sinful according to some religious types. One would think the medical community might have noticed that young men brimming with testosterone aren't exactly dropping dead left and right from prostate cancer, but common sense notions like that seem to have eluded it.

Legitimate research on the subject shows not only that testosterone is not associated with a higher incidence of prostate cancer, but that low testosterone is associated with it. And in men with low testosterone, PSA readings aren't especially useful. One study found a higher than normal incidence of prostate cancer in men with low testosterone despite normal PSA levels. If you have low testosterone, therefore, you are at a higher risk of prostate cancer and should get on TRT, and your PSA readings aren't all that useful. If this doc won't educate himself, find one who knows what current research says on the subject.

Supplements won't help at all if you have low testosterone unless perhaps you have a significant deficiency, which is unlikely. The magnesium in ZMA will help you have deep sleep and vivid dreams if you are short on magnesium.


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