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.Slice of the Devil's pie.

Required Info:
Name: Kirra (Playerless in Database)
Biological sex: Female
Hair colour: Dirty Blonde; think oak brown with highlights.
Eye colour: Blue-Gray
Skin tone: Type 2, rosy complexion but otherwise pale.
Wing appearance: N/A
Physical & Neuro-Diversity: Fading burn scars scattered across her shoulder blades.
Your player name: Pearl
How you found out about us: Through another site, Beqanna.Optional Info
Detailed appearance: Kirra is rather tall, hovering near to 5'7". Her legs 'go on for days', as some of the locals used to say, and perhaps that's her best feature. With willowy arms to match and a flat, pear-shaped torso, she'd remind you of someone who could be pretty - if they chose to be.
Otherwise, she's a plane jane among women. Her hair brushes the skin just above her hips but you can find it tightly coiled and pinned to her scalp, or oftentimes knotted into a whip-like braid. Her face is doll-like; oval with a smattering of golden freckles across a button nose. Her eyes are intrepid and large, rimmed with thick lashes, and her mouth is a pleasant, baby-pink color - probably too large for such a small nose, but it's a vessel for an otherwise boisterous and rude tongue.
Personality: Hesitant, withdrawn on first introductions. Shyness that translates to "stay away" on her face. Once comfortable with her companions, Kirra is often the source of a good joke or even worse, trouble. Fearless, but not cautious, and this tends to wedge her between rocks and very hard places.
Skills: Enjoys singing, has a talent for it but never pursued it. Enjoys mending: Clothes, bones, what-have-you (Perhaps a mental need to fix things she usually ruins in the first place; i.e. lingering guilt)
Ambitions: To find a home, first and foremost, and then (like all of us) to find her purpose in this world.
Age: 25
Ethnicity: Northern European Descent
Sexual & romantic orientation: Heterosexual, though she's never been actively pursued by a woman, so she might like it.
History: Came from a broken home, saw no need to remain where she was. Kirra is never fond about reminiscing.
Sample Post: Taken from my home site, Beqanna:
In the moment his eyes stray (that’s all it takes, right? Just a look … just a single look and they really see) Nyxa wishes desperately to become invisible.

Or even just returning to the state she was in prior to this, back when she was but a blur on someone’s peripheral vision in their eye’s quest to find something more appealing, more attractive. It hadn’t been hard to be Nyxa, back then. Now it’s something she clings to with bloody nails; scratching, clawing at the identity that’s not hers to claim anymore. There’s nothing about her body that she understands - the girl is unaware that she’s actually in a shift presently - Castile is privy to a spirit trapped in a foreign temple.

The ‘before’ Nyxa rears her head from inside, a knee-jerk reaction to his casual step forward, and the ‘after’ Nyxa physically takes a step backwards. “Castile,” She tries the word, her voice hovering for a note over the ‘a’ before gliding like silk through the sharp ‘st’ and dropping off his last vowel. It comes out sounding like Cast Steel, but with one brisk glance to his coat Nyxa finds it appropriate.

“Fancy.” She follows up. Despite the hesitance, an arresting smile ghosts her lips. “I’m Nyxa,” The pale mare admits, sighing gently before making a conscious effort to try and relax. The stallion had been startled, that’s all. “and I thought I was heading somewhere with a purpose.” She riddles, confusion muddying her expression again.

“But now I feel like I’m running away - and that’s not what I want.” Or is it?

She’s not sure. For the second time, her jewel-like gaze searches for his but she finds herself lingering on the hard planes of his cheeks, where it looks as if his jaw has been clenched since birth. From there her eyes travel along the supple bend of his neck, hidden power straining against the mottled skin, and they come to take in the overall picture of ‘Castile’ - something shyness had prevented during their initial run-in.

He’s very … commanding, presence-wise. The shape of him seems to loom in all four corners of her vision, like a black tower overshadowing a frail lily. (Ugh, her mind rejects that word, “Lily”. It’s what Maugrim had named chained her with.) “Where are you heading?” The seamare tries, comfortable enough to regain the distance she’d kept between them and shortening it by another full step. “Maybe that’s where I should try next.”

Anything else you wish to include: So many things, lol:1. Not sure how I'm supposed to go about claiming a playerless character as a first-timer. I know I need to post an update, but should this be done post-acceptance? /confused/
2. I'd like to use my Newbie Freeb's as followed:Familiar: A blue roan sabino Trakehner stallion, affectionately known to Kirra as, "Payne".
Item: I'd like to use 500$ of my 2000$ to purchase "Lorraine's Suitcase". (Must this be a suitcase, or can it resemble a pack/bag? And what are the dimensions of the object? Large? Medium? Pocket-sized?)
Power: And finally, I'd like to use my remaining 1500$ to purchase "Water Healing".

-That's it! Can't wait to start :)

    • welcome! >> -

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