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Ok.please have in mind that no supplement will increase your test levels above normal at any dosage.All those studies showing 100 or 200 increases with this or that are either done just for a few days,done on people with zero levels to begin with or with some kid of severe health problem.
First things first.I'd put health first as shown in real life test numbers.You cannot play with prostate cancer no matter how much your quality of lie is gone to dust.Cancer treatments,or just the very notion of having it will destroy your quality of life well beyond what you can imagine.Start with that.
Keep getting your tamsulosin for that.Start with some very cheap and (but very effective as shown in medical studies) available prostate health foods.The very best surprisingly is to eat 1 carrot a day ! After that come concentrated tomato puree (very rich in lycopene) and pumpkin seed which are also a good snack.
For your test levels there's not much you can do with supplements that are super sophistacated and very expensive.Go to a herb store and get ginger powder and fenugreek.Both increase testosterone from low to normal levels.And are good for overall health.
Your energy and quality of life can increase through manipulating other anabolic hormones too.
For growth hormone there's not much more to be done too.I would suggest to not try using it as it can increase cancer risks.
You can manipulate cortisol and insulin though...and very well so.
For cortisol,upon waking up use phosphatidylserine powder and take 1 gram vitamin c 2 or 3 times per day.Try ashwaghandha,a very precious herb.This will make you feel much better.This shitty feeling of no energy is mostly high cortisol rather than low test.
For insulin,try having your overall food intake spread out as much as possible with many small meals.Have carbs adjusted to what you are about to do in the nest few hours before the next meal.If you are going to train,have more and complex carbs.If you just woke up and just trained,have more and simple carbs.If you are going to stay at home and just sit there have less or no carbs.Ig you are going to sleep have less or no carbs,you will sleep better that way too.Insulin ups and downs also make you feel low in energy.
Try those easy steps first.I tried to recommend very easy to find and inexpensive herbs (that work) for the beginning.
Make sure you have good numbers on your tests first.
The doctor is correct in not wanting to risk this.Perhaps being a powerlifter makes your mind to go to the obvious solution of hormones firstbut this is not the best option right now.Establish a good healthy baseline of low risk first.Then if numbers are ok you can try trt or low dose anabolic therapy (no test,but something else lower in androgens) to make you feel better and stronger later on.I hope this helps.


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