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The little lady and myself are already seeing that we'll be getting an extra $400/month from the tax cuts. That's a nice added chunk of change to keep every 30 days, I won't sneeze at having $4800/year in extra money without having to do more to get it.

What the democrats don't get is, people do respond to being able to keep more of their money (so long as they're not functionally retarded enough to believe that the government can spend their paycheck better than they can). Even someone who is going to save $800/year more can now pay another month's rent, they can make 2-4 car payments, they can take a vacation, or actually SAVE money they couldn't save before when it was being picked from their pockets.

The left can keep crying about the tax cuts being "peanuts", but I don't see ANY of those fucknuts ever even proposing putting money back in my pocket. Rather, they're asking me to give more so they can pay for military members and felons to get free sex change operations or some other shit I don't care about.

Like I said, the left is in complete disarray - their media lackeys keep touting the "victories" of the left that aren't actually happening because, as I believe, if they told the honest truth, there'd be at least 100k Democrat voter suicides every month if they actually had to face reality that the days of their politics are coming to an end.


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