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It's interesting...

I am in remodeling. Business is booming. Last year we did almost $800K in January. This year I believe we'll hit $2MM. I'll know in about a week when the sales numbers shake out. We grew by more than 30% last year. During Obummer's reign, there was just a general sense of concern that we would never return to a prosperous Nation again. People were worried. We felt good to hold our own or grow by 5-10% primarily through targeting new markets.

I meet with probably 8 families a week. I have noticed 2 things.

1. The people with the Planned Parenthood/Resist/BLM signs are generally very negative, glass half empty peeps. They are difficult to olease and spend half an hour on the internet ti crown themselves expert and tell you how to do your job. It's damn near predictable.

2. I meet with far more conservative minded people (relative ti the Progressive agenda) and in the last week I have met with a Nigerian couple, Palestinian couple, Kenyan couple and a Hmong couple. This is a typical week for me and if the subject comes up I have never (even among Bernie bros) have someone tell me they think it's reasonable to approach immigration the way the Dums are insisting.

My point is they are pandering and enabling an entire sect of people whi won't be happy with anything. It has become a lifestyle for these twats. Black UE is at a historic low, switch the narrative to how it compares to other races. People are getting pay raises and bonuses, call it peanuts. The economy is growing, imply we should somehow thank Obummer (truly mind boggling). They blame Bush for the Obummer economy and then give him credit when it turns around once we finally get is gold bricking ignorant ass out of office.

These nitwits Shutdown Schummer and Pelousi are so out of touch, as a typical oligarch will be, with the thoughts and feelings of normal people who work for a living, they basically have no path back.

Every morning I wake up ambitious, and glad Hilliary is not President. She can run her mouth all she wants and I finish every one of her sentences with, 'NOT PRESIDENT.'


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