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a flood of blood to the heart and the fear slipstreams

Name: Abraxos "Brax"
Biological sex: Male
Hair colour: black
Eye colour: dark blue
Skin tone: Fair (but often tanned from considerable time outside)
Wing appearance: most closely resemble dragon wings, black and sort of leathery in appearance with streaks of red that look like blood vessels.
Physical & Neuro-Diversity: None
Your player name: Turtle
How you found out about us: saw y'all on the advertising boards of a bunch of different RPGs and decided to check it out!

Optional information:
Detailed appearance: Abraxos is fairly tall, right around 6'1", and is muscular without being particularly bulky. He's got numerous scars, and most have a story, though the worst are on his back, which he has opted to cover with black tattoos that swirl and curl up his back. His clothing style is plain and practical and he seems to always have a scowl or knowing smirk on his (rather handsome) face.
Personality: Quiet, often brooding, but very intelligent, and seems to always be planning something. He's a hard fairy to befriend, but is surprisingly loyal to those that have proven their worth. He's nomadic by nature, and tries to avoid setting down roots, not wanting to attach himself to one place, and one place alone. Brax has a keen eye for reading people, and finds particular enjoyment in figuring out what makes people tick, especially anyone who's caught his interest. He's known for being sarcastic with a twisted sense of humor, and can have a rather vicious temper if provoked.
Skills: People watching, tracking, hunting, fighting... basically he's good at staying alive, being athletic, and reading people.
Ambitions: Stay alive. Hone his magical ability(ies).
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Sexual & romantic orientation: Heterosexual
Religion: Agnostic
History: Abraxos was from Earth originally, but came to Shaman as a child, and doesn't like to dwell on his previous life on Earth. He doesn't even know if his family is still alive, but he assumes they are. He often wonders if his little sister will one day find herself here.

Familiar: A large black wolf with unusually bright amber eyes. Her name is Cybele, and she expresses her discomfort and anxiety with aggression and pacing and refuses to communicate with anyone other than Abraxos.

I'd also like to buy Abraxos the ability of Blood Memory with the 2000$ i get for being a newbie? If that's okay?

Brax took his time with his drink, swilling the dark amber liquid around his glass, scuffed boots propped on the empty chair in front of him, which earns him several pointed glares from the waitress. He ignores her, and she conveniently forgets to check his table after giving him his initial glass of whiskey, which is just fine with him, for he preferred the solitude, and was not interested in having to restrain Cybele should she become too agitated. As it was, the black wolf was laying behind his chair, alert and unsettled, occasionally getting up to pace around him and utter low growls, but, fortunately for the patrons, nothing more. She was a volatile creature at the best of times, and Brax often wondered what he did to deserve such an unpredictable Familiar, but he loves her nonetheless, and her, unique personality was just something he'd grown to accept.

Besides, she was an excellent deterrent for unwanted fraternization, and he briefly wonders if it was not his feet upon the chair that kept the waitress away, but rather Cybele.

Perhaps he'd thank her for that later.

At long last, Brax takes a sip of his whiskey, relishing in the burn as it slides down his throat. It was good whiskey, some of the best he'd had in a while, but he didn't get to enjoy it often as his travels rarely brought him so close to The Stone Dragon. But perhaps he'd have to change that, if only to enjoy their fine whiskey, and to study the unique patrons that came and went at all hours of the day and night. It was an excellent source of people watching, and Brax wonders, too, if he might find a good horse breeder that'd be willing to sell to him, though whether or not they'd have stock that suited his fancy was another matter entirely.

    • accepted -

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