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Xath, my love <3 [Picture Request]

Your OOC: Alesana

Character's Name: Sebring

Character Description (try to include physical and personality): Sebring is a picturesque, lithe figurine. She has a coat as soft and luscious as the first snow of winter that coats the tops of mountains. Her pelt is a decorative map of silvery metallic’s and ash. Darker portions drape over her whithers and create a breast collar within the folds of her nape. The same dark ticking and soft swirls of steel and ash drape down her back and sides and cover the top of her tail. Her underside is on the lighter side, with a small tinge of white in the light silvery colors that coat her belly, chest and muzzle. Her paws and legs are the same, with some occasional strips of the charcoal that coats her whithers. Her orbs are a stark, glowing gold, like the goldenrod flower that blooms in the spring. Or else think of them the color of dripping honey, in the sun’s rays.
Sebring past her image of regality is truly just a mother, lover, and caretaker. She is proud of the life she has created for herself, the two sons she bore who, as far as she knows reside in Aurora Borealis and will soon be Kings. She holds her head high, but not to look down others. She will lift up anyone who needs her help, because she was once the lowest before Kalgalath brought her back to life. She is a fighter. And she won’t hide from her past, especially if it can help someone else come from the bottom to the top.

Picture Ref:

Eyes (the gold ones, although this is how I imagine Kal and Sebring’s eyes next to each other <3):

Image Theme (dark, happy, forest, mountain etc.): I’m looking for something regal, crystalline, and naturally just beautiful. The image of a waterfall or beautifully flowing river keeps popping into my head with her on the bank. Or maybe up in the snow capped peaks of a mountain. Honestly though I’m always willing to let you have artistic freedom if you think of something better!

Images you want me to use (optional but suggested and must be stock or have permission): None.
Words on Image (optional): I was thinking maybe her name (Sebring) and then underneath it in like slightly faded font, “The Silver Queen”. If you think you can make it fit into the picture that would be great, if not, I can always put it into a table instead ^.^


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