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First it was the news of course, going all the way back to the Vietnam era dischord, then with evolution and any sort of environmental anything the science was biased. Next we heard education in any form was deeply compromised with liberal taint. Now itís found itís way to the bastion of rightward leaning law enforcement...the FBI is now liberal. Imagine such a thing as investigators having a bias built into their request for a warrant, why, Iíve never heard of such a thing.
The memo was right, Steele was garbage, but he wasnít double cited as a source to procur further probable cause. The point was that he was compromised and by going to the media, those being sought for investigation were likely in the throes of an evidence dump. It was about expediency not more reliance upon Steele. He fucked them, that is confirmed.
Carter was not in his first go round, we know this. Stop making a saint of a potentially treasonous cunt, itís disgusting. Then youíve got the actions of a lying fucking dunce already directly tied to Russia but youíre going to try to put lipstick on the pig with Papadopoulos?! The clever omissions are cute, but Iíd prefer to get the entire reality before listening to either fucking side bullshit here.
I donít know, maybe I just shouldnít care about two potential Russian assets running around? Or maybe, just maybe, they should be allowed to do their fucking job instead of a man with nothing to hide, firing convenient people every step of the way. These are not the actions of an individual who has clean hands.


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