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I shouldn't but I'm gunna. (Tovah's here!)

our mother has been absent ever since we founded Rome

For the DB:

Name: Tovah

Biological sex: female

Hair colour: very dark brown, like black coffee

Eye colour: jade green

Skin tone: type ii-ish; she’s fair but has an olive skin tone

Wing appearance: common house marten (so, mostly brown with some blue-violet iridescence near the shoulder, built for speed and agility)

Physical & Neuro-Diversity: none

Familiar: (using ordinary familiar from my bank) Niv, male wolverine

Your player name: Dema

Magic: I’d like to give her the electrical construct and electrical weapon powers from my bank <3


Detailed appearance: (I’m basing this character heavily on Kady from The Magicians)
Tovah’s defining features are her hair and eyes; the former is long, curly and wild, often braided near one or both temples, and the latter are a clear, cool green. She has full lips, a straight nose, and an angular silhouette both from the front and in profile. Most would call her pretty, and she could even be beautiful if she were not perpetually scowling, sneering, or rolling her eyes. She wears heavy eye makeup that she rarely removes, resulting in a “smoky” effect that enhances her unusual eye color but also leaves her with near-constant bloodshot veins.
Tovah is medium height, and has the kind of build you’d expect from someone who eats poorly and infrequently – slim through the cheekbones and wrists, soft around the middle, just enough in the breast department to get attention in a revealing shirt. She is stronger than she looks and scrappy in a fight, but lacks grace or finesse. Her posture is terrible; she slouches as soon as she is at rest, and only gives the appearance of being alert when she is in motion (and a rare good mood). She tends to wear flowing, revealing clothes, showing either a great deal of her chest or stomach or thighs. Tovah has no tattoos but several piercings: ears (in several places), nose, and navel.

Personality: Tough above all, Tovah can be a hard nut to crack, even by exceptionally patient and disarming people. She can come off as indifferent and detached, but this is mainly a defense mechanism in response to multiple past betrayals and belies a persistent sense of loneliness. She has a penchant for risky behaviors, enjoys a rowdy party, and has a blunt, sarcastic sense of humor. While she does not delight in causing people discomfort, she has no patience for small talk or bullshit and will call anyone out if she senses an ulterior motive. She speaks her mind but rarely volunteers personal information. Tovah is not typically the instigator of fights, but she won’t walk away from one.

Skills: street-smarts, intelligent but not particularly educated, a good pick-pocket, survival and self-reliance

Ambitions: at the moment Tovah is pretty directionless, and feels adrift in her life (though she probably wouldn’t admit it). She’s worried about surviving, first and foremost, and has had little time for dreaming about the future.

Age: 20

Ethnicity: Her father is of European and Native American descent. Her mother is Israeli, and Tovah identifies primarily with her Jewish ancestry. (I pulled that straight from the actress, figured it explained her appearance :P)

Sexual & romantic orientation: bisexual, biromantic

Religion: Jewish (loosely)

History: Tovah grew up in Manhattan, did well in school until the 10th grade, and proceeded to "ruin all her prospects," according to her mother. The child of solid, working-class parents that believed strongly in propriety, community, and holding down a job, she found herself eager to escape a destiny of boredom and did what teenagers do best. She barely graduated high school, dabbled in drugs, fell in with musicians and designers and aspiring actors, bounced from couch to couch. Dreading a routine but lacking direction, Tovah took only odd jobs and occasionally broke the law to make ends meet.

but there's gunna be a party when the wolf comes home

    • accepted -

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