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Rhythm is a Dancer

So I was wrong, Sebby wasn't my last one >.> I blame Fennic. She didn't tell me no.

Database Info:
Name: Nyxx

Biological Sex and Gender: Female

Hair Color: Neon Ultramarine (aka teal and cobalt blue colors throughout) Using my x1 Unnatural Hair from my bank

Eye Color: Light Gray

Skin Tone: Fair

Wing appearance: Angel wings made with Neon Lights in pinks, blues, and yellows.

Physical & Neuro-Diversity: Anorexic

Player Name: Renny

Extra Beats:
Origin/Ethnicity: Earth - Originally from Sweden. Both parents were Swedish.

Age: 19yrs

Occupation: EDM DJ, Songwriter, Singer

Skills: Music - Nyxx was well known for being able to take anything and use it to make music. She was a famous EDM DJ on earth and made it into the big scene by the time she was 17.

Nyxx has always been musically inclined and started making and recording her own songs when she was just 13. Her songs caught the eye of a record label when she was 15, and by the time she turned 17 she was a phenomenon in the EDM scene. She was in a relationship with another artist (who was 5 years older than her) and got involved in heavy drugs and alcohol. When she turned 18, she decided the drugs and drinking weren't for her and wanted to go clean. Her boyfriend wasn't about to let her walk away from him and drugs and began to get physically and mentally abusive. A few days after she turned 19 and he cracked her ribs, she decided enough was enough and told him she was leaving. As she was packing her things to go, a fight started between them resulting in her stabbing her multiple times. When Nyxx woke up, she found out that she had landed in Shaman with no wounds.

    • accepted -

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