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Re(2): Can I borrow your tinfoil?

Where do I begin...

1) Nice cut and paste job, impressive independent analysis.
2) Iím sure youíre source is completely right, everything was withheld from the FISA court and they rubber stamped the warrant based on Steele alone...I mean fuck me man, are you serious here?
3) You get fired up like this is an indictment, itís not. Itís an investigation, Iíve said all along, let it play out, let them do their job. Do you truly discredit them so much so that everyone and everything involved is based on a political whim? Itís a stretch to say the least.
4) We donít have to agree here, thatís totally fine. But donít rehash things I already clearly addressed earlier by slopping some nonsense that isnít even your own thoughts. Thatís scary to me, you automatically defer to a pundit here.
5) I do see issues here, I really do, but not so much so that I believe an investigation needs to be thrown out. I truly do not believe that Trump is what the left so desperately believes. I donít believe this has any deep ties to him personally, but there are people in connection that did things that are shady.
6) Thatís the end game for me, let the rats be found and removed. The sensationalism, I donít really care about. You donít know a thing about me if you think Iím remotely impacted by Hillary insults, lmao. I believe in her case, sheís got blood on her hands, why would I ever vote for that? Look closer at what Iím saying and what Iím not, thereís a reason for that.


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