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Hurricane of Mexico Test

Hurricane of Mexico
Toirneach Mhutair

Hurricane of mexico had heard the tempest before he saw him. Trampling leaves, racing at him with barely contained fury, the ivory gladiator slid to a halt before him, demanding about his presence, about his connection with Losa. Instantaneously, Hurricane of Mexico’s massive hackles raised up, and a deep, throaty roar slips out of his throat. Long forgotten is the sheepishness he felt when he saw Losa slip between the trees, and gone, is the embarrassment he had once felt at the thought of her seeing his newly grown horns. Hurricane of Mexico is filled now with only anger and contempt. Who did he think he was? Massive paws lift off the ground in righteous indignation, and Hurricane throws his head, seeing red as midnight painted paws slam back into the earth. It is not until lightning optics sear into glowing blue orbs, that Hurricane of Mexico realizes exactly what has happened here. And knowing that this wolf is a tempest, does not make him want to back down. Instead, the fire burning ferociously within his breast only heightens, and his distrust for the snow painted king only grows larger.

Venom laces every angry word that Hurricane spits back at the gladiator, hackles somehow only raising even higher. “You and your kind have no right to be guarding Losa, or any of her kind. I have been by her side since the day that she was born and if you think for one more second that I will let another one of you fucking imbeciles ‘protect’ her? like you all did so well in her homelands?” Hurricane snorts indignantly, lowering his antlers slightly, peering up at Aindreas through lowered lids, heart slamming within his chest.

Hurricane of Mexico had never felt so unhinged in his life. Never before, had he panicked for Losa’s life like he did this very second. When Losa was a child, and had run away, Hurricane had no question within his mind that he could find her. And while her other guards panicked as she vanished more and more frequently, he had always been able to breathe and focus, to find her. To save her. When Duma revolted, and lead her own subjects against Losa, Hurricane had never been afraid, because even if it meant he would lay down his life to stop Duma, he knew that the gladiator would never touch her again. He would never allow it. But this threat? This ice dipped king? Hurricane of Mexico could not control this situation. Hovering, out of the corner of his eye, was Losa, coming toward them. He could not stop an entire pack single handedly. And Hurricane of Mexico could not protect her from a king who’s lands he could not enter.

It is that thought, and that thought alone, that forces the massive titan to back down. Lowering his skull further, Hurricane drops into a deep bow, breathing deeply to stop his racing pulse. Raising his head back up to meet Aindrea’s piercing gaze, the dragon pulls himself back up to his full height. “I do not believe you have any right to guard Losa or her companions in this strange land.” Hurricane’s words are spoken bravely, but without the fierce anger that had choked him before. His head is clear, and while he shows no fear, Hurricane of Mexico attempts to show some sort of respect, if nothing else, for the fact this hessian is indeed king. “But I can not control the magic that binds you, and I will not attempt to. My name is Hurricane of Mexico, Toirneach Mhutair. And I have been one of Losa’s hand chosen guards since before she was even born. I fought both with them, and for their escape in our homeland. And I have no intention to cease protecting her, whether I must do it from here, or not, is up to you.”

Chin held high, Hurricane of Mexico turns toward Losa, watching, studying her cotton candy physique move toward the duo of clashing warriors. He had addressed her initially, trying to catch her attention like a shy schoolboy, nervous and embarrassed. He was no longer any of those things. Pulse still racing in his auditories, he holds his gaze firm, fiery hot, unsure how much of the ongoing exchange she had seen. While it had always been Hurricane’s job to protect Losa, until Duma’s attack, he had never actually had had to defend her, had never shown her the side of the beast he kept locked quietly away. And while he had been angry, and had used that quiet little creature to fuel him during fights, this will have been the first time Losa had ever seen it, and it was important now, that he show her he had absolute control.

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