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Re(4): But to be fair

A more serious critique I have is with some of the assumptions the article makes and definitions provided. The author, who is well-educated, says what she is presenting is science, but it isn't. Research in this field consists of opinions and value judgments. Note how sexual assault is defined. The author says she isn't talking about clumsy advances or a bad date, but the WHO definitions do include these things. A male-female situation is deemed inherently coercive because men in general are physically stronger than women. Such a broad assumption renders pretty much any clumsy advances (i.e., "unwanted sexual contact") as in the same category as forcible rape. There is a desire by some on the left to do just that, and indeed there are feminist "scholars" (e.g., Andrea Dworkin) who put forth the view that all sexual behavior between a male and a female is rape.

By using such broad assumptions and definitions, and by taking a smug, superior tone and prescribing "mass education" in the author's preferred views, she renders meaningless distinctions between truly bad, criminal behavior and boorish, inappropriate behavior. Real victims are dishonored when you equate all inappropriate sexual behavior as having the same level of seriousness. And if you bombard males with a message that they are inherently bad and in need of re-education, and that women are powerless victims who have inherently superior values, you'll lead to more people adopting the Mike Pence rule, which isn't where society should be headed. Nagging and mass education isn't going to have the desired outcome because to a large degree, these broad definitions render criminal forms of behavior that are wired into humans by evolution. For better or worse, men are designed to make the first move. There will be a large number of occasions when the woman isn't interested. That doesn't make the male's advance a criminal act, and no amount of mass education is going to change how normal people view these things.

More generally, I question how applicable all of this is to powerlifting. Powerlifting isn't structured like USA Gymnastics. A Larry Nassar situation is unlikely to occur. Some online coach asking his client out on a date isn't the same as some sicko penetrating pre-pubescent girls under the guise of medical treatment. Clumsy and unwelcome maybe but not criminal.


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