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Thank you for this

Seeing what the #metoo has done to a true assault survivor has been informative in exactly the points your making.

1) Rape and sexual harassment, etc. are so substantially dissimilar that it cheapens the pain of those who experienced truly horrible situations.
2) I worked in a gym for a long time. I had many unwanted advances from women as a male, to the extent of which most assuredly would go beyond the realm of harassment many are now taking as an opportunity to blast as the greatest evils of mankind. Iím ok as it turns out.
3) I have seen fucking creeps and pervs on occasion, it sucks, they absolutely suck and most dudes are just as disgusted by them as any woman would be.
4) Yet to relegate a whole subset of the population to that of the abuser? No, itís not fucking cool and no, it shouldnít be accepted. Itís exactly these sorts of scenarios that will create more distrust, lack of compassion, and understanding.

Overall, yes, shit happens, but I donít think even the biggest troglodytes amongst are disputing that. But to lump all scenarios together as equal and all ďperpetratorsĒ as the same as a fucking rapist? How is any male supposed to just accept and internalize that? Itís a gross mischaracterization of many honorable and dedicated coaches and athletes. Iím right in the heart of Nassar land, Iím an MSU alumni, itís devastating for those girls and families, but to equate is the same thing as Linda in accounting being told her ass looks good is fucking moronic.


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