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Both you and JHS put it well

You both said what I’d like to have said if I weren’t so annoyed by all of this to where I just now tell people to fuck off.

Everything goes in cycles, and women who have lumped actual rape victims in with the girl who regrets her one-night-stand with some ugly dude aren’t even getting how anti-woman they’ve unintentionally become by lowering the bar so far.

The woman my wife is friends with who was forced to blow her uncle and his friends repeatedly at age 10 doesn’t deserve to have her suffering trivialized in the shitty hashtag mania going on with the attention whores and the “champions for all victims” types who want to bond over finding ANYTHING they think qualifies themselves as victims or who get off on feeling like they’re saving lives just by shouting about how terrible most men are.

Too bad the people pushing this “all men can be terrible and could be rapists, all women are sweet angels who can change their minds post-consent and then be victims later” can’t see the harm they’re doing. In due time, these people will have reduced their “movement” into rubble.


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