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Re(1): this is extremely sad on the part of site elite FTS man

1) 1 in 5 women have not been raped by the legal definition of "rape." Flawed reporting by a CDC under the liberal Obama administration. I would love to see the surveys and the education level of the women and men interviewed.
2) The article does portray men, who are coaches, as potential predators.
3) Men who are dominant and desire multiple partners are not rapists or sexual predators anymore than women who are submissive and desire multiple partners.
4) The basis for this article is a context mismatch based on sexual predation in a context that has not been demonstrated to match a powerlifting coaching context. That is a flawed inference.
5) For the white knights defending the author, she has a shit degree in Sociology of Science from an unheard of school in Brazil. No mention of her actual dissertation and what she studied. I will bet money is has NOTHING to do with sexual predation and power imbalances in athletic contexts. In effect, she is not an authority but is portrayed as one: appeal to illicit authority fallacy.
6) Finally, Dave should have his fucking head examined for putting up that article thinking he is informing his readers of their potential predation issues. It is an affront to everyone who reads that site who is a male and a coach or potentially a coach. Talk about the specific cases Dave, man the fuck up if you have a problem with a coach and put him on blast. This passive aggressive behavior is bullshit. FUCK EFS from this point forward, Dave jumped the shark. Let's see how many feminists and snowflakes buy his shit to make up for the main supporters of his site that are lost forever.

For the record I teach classes on sexual harassment in the workplace under California's AB1825 and AB2053. I deal with this shit daily and this article I suspect was written to absolve EFS from their recent issue with one of their writers so they don't appear complicit. How you handle this though is addressing the specific issue and what that person did wrong. More so, file charges if something illegal has been done. This passive aggressive article does nothing to help stop the problem: do you really think a sexual predator is going to read it? Fucking clueless. Once again, man up Dave, man the fuck up!


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