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Of course they wouldn't publish it!

Anything that challenges the #METOO victimhood narrative would never be accepted. Even if there were 1/1000th the number of victimized women in powerlifting as, say, table tennis, it seems we still need to be told what a looming threat all females are under the moment they dare get within a hundred yards of anyone born with an actual nutsack in a gym envrionment. God forbid some fragile female's emotional health is slighted by a representative of the patriarchy daring to question the "science" behind the original article.

Apparently, our right to expect factual data removed from emotional bullshit ends where women's feelings about being a victim begin. So, instead of actual discussion over what ACTUALLY is truly assault/rape within the bounds of the law and what recorded incidence (or extreme lack thereof) there is in the PL community, it seems we only get to read the feminist interpretation on such topics, where manspreading is literally one step below sticking your hand up a woman's skirt and fingering her asshole without consent.

These things are written by people whose only concern is fucking the world up further by perpetually self-victimizing, or, pretending to be a champion of the hundred billion poor women who have been victimized in the last 24 hours. Don't question the numbers and mansplain things to try and keep these brave women oppressed, if Marilia links to data from a feminist website that says men are evil, then by god, it's TRUE!!!


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