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Character Sheet: Luca

Name: Luca

Age: Teen; around 3 years

Gender: Heterosexual Male

Parents: Unknown; separated from father and mother died during labor

Siblings: Unknown female

Significant other: N/A

Pups: N/A

Best friend: N/A

Enemy: N/A

Rank: Loner

Species: Timber Wolf

Description: His body a dark chocolate brown starting at his back and legs and underbelly a soft cream, his pelt colors eventually fade into each other with a few messy blobs of misplaced color along his side. His muzzle and neck have a slightly cream tint to it that fades into his underbelly, and all four legs and the tip of his tail are lined with pristine, light cream socks. Luca’s blue eyes stand out against the darker fur around his eyes, and his ears are tipped with a dusty black color. He’s built tall and delicately with long, thin legs that usually stomp around despite being so scrawny.

Special Effects/Mutations: N/A

Special Marks/Scars: Has a small nick in his left ear from a certain someone’s snapping.

Personality: Luca is just a big, lumbering puppy with more affection than sense. He’s always looking for good company or another wolf to bother with his playful behavior. Often, he can become defensive or verbally aggressive if barked at, but never violent or ill-willed at heart. Although he lacks some of his sense, Luca is not a dumb dog. He can be irresponsible and careless, but his heart and mind are often in the right place. The wolf is always seeking fun, pleasure, or just amusement, often making him seem greedy or selfish. Despite his ridiculous, pup-like behavior, there is always a situation here or there that can force his more serious mood to bubble up.

Biography: Due to his mother’s unfortunate death during labor, Luca’s father raised him with his only sister. Seeking adventure and a mate, the young wolf separated from his family and ran off to live as a loner until he could find a place to fit in. He once fell in love with a beautiful she-wolf, but she was already deeply in love with another male. Luca was sent away by male with a few nips and a broken heart.

Favorite Food: If it fits in his mouth, he’ll try to eat it.

Favorite Plant: N/A

Introvert/Extrovert: Extrovert; like a big, friendly puppy

OOC: Demon of the Wolves

RP/Plot Availability: Very Open

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