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she had rings on her fingers and bells on her shoes

Required information:
Name: Paris
Biological sex: Female
Hair colour: Blonde
Eye colour: Blue
Skin tone: Fair (porcelain)
Wing appearance: click here! translucent, orangey-yellow in the center fading to silvery at the edges, seem to glow and have a sundust-like quality to them
Physical & Neuro-Diversity: None
Your player name: Turtle

Optional information:
Detailed appearance: Tiny and waif-like with porcelain skin and a rosebud mouth overlooked by a pert button nose. Her eyes are large and sky-blue in color, giving her a look of innocent beauty that belies the toughness beneath. For all she appears delicate and fine-boned, there is a strength to Paris that isn't quite visible to the naked eye, she's not near as frail or fragile as she looks, and beneath the whispy gowns she often wears is a lithe but toned body built for speed, agility, and stealth.
Personality: Paris is quiet and observant, often coming across as shy or even meek, which she is neither. She is a very private person, and deliberately makes herself seem insignificant, a difficult feat given her natural beauty which seems to intrigue others, especially those of the male variety (or, rather, anyone who is attracted to females). Naturally curious, Paris is forever soaking up knowledge, whether it be through traveling or careful observation or listening in to conversations she probably not ought to be. It makes her ideal for less savory jobs, such as thieving and spying, which she has done in the past for those who have tight lips and the coin to pay her. Paris also has a gift for lying and deception, enabling her to go from being the quiet serving girl to the flirting barmaid in only a matter of minutes, depending on what the situation calls for. She is fiercely independent, and hates relying on anyone for anything, which further makes it more difficult for people to get to know her, but somewhere deep down she longs for friendship or romance or even just companionship. She doesn't recall anything about her past, her memory only stretching as far back as the last couple years, and she has made it her own personal mission to try and figure out why the only thing she can remember is her name.
Skills: Archery, stealing, spying, blending in, flirting, fearlessness
Ambitions: To find out who she is and where she came from
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Sexual & romantic orientation: Straight
Religion: Uncertain- suspects the gods are real, but does not worship them
History: It's strange to one day blink and realize you don't have any recollection of how, exactly, you came to be where you are. And that's exactly what happened to Paris. She has no memory of anything before she was 16- only her name- and the earliest thing she can recall is one day just walking out of the forest towards a tavern- the Stone Dragon- with a little fox who called herself "Asta" at her side. She had a vague sense of the world around her, she knew she was a fairy, she knew that Asta was her Familiar, and knew that she lived in Shaman, but she could not for the life of her figure out how she knew those things or who she was beyond her own name. It was like she'd just awoken from a dream, but couldn't recall what it was, only that she'd definitely had one and that it was still somewhere in her brain, fuzzy and unclear. Asta had no more clue than she did, as if she'd merely popped into existence at the same time as Paris, but being a simple little creature, did not dwell on it.

It was almost as if she'd spent her whole life unaware that she was even alive, only to one day become aware, like a plant given the gift of sentience. She knows how to function as a fairy, she knows her own name, but what she doesn't know is how she knows these things.

Her true history will one day be revealed once I finally decide what, exactly, it is!

Anything else you wish to include: Her familiar is a female Cape fox named Asta.

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