Once this place used to hold the yin and yang scenery of Blossom Field. Now, there are miles of winding tundra. To the north, this tundra is cruel and dry, with wisping weaves of tall grasses. The ground is cracked and cold, and it hardly is ever moistened by dearly desired rainfall. To the south, the tundra becomes more prosperous - meadows of flowers and herbs grace the ground. Part of this connects near Elebeam Weargtreow - however it is an impassible field of poppy, which will put any wolf trying to cross it into a deep slumber, and eventually die.

Those looking to hunt here will find mice, snakes, and rabbits, along with pronghorns, bison, and javalinas.



Be careful of what you touch lest the grave be what you lust

Excuse me miss for being so bold, but you are the most unique femme I have ever laid eyes upon. I hope you don’t mind if I join your company?

Athene smiled at him - although she wasn’t quite sure why. She had never seen him before in her life, he was a complete stranger to her, and yet despite that, she felt at ease with him. As if he would understand her, as if he would complete her. And so, the warrioress shook her head before gesturing to her side - she wanted nothing more than for him to stay beside her, to keep her company. He was pitch black like the night, almost the complete opposite of her. But he was intriguing and interesting nonetheless. The brindled femme made no attempt to hide her appreciation of his form as her pools of honey cascaded over his form as he approached her. He was well muscled, tall, powerful - exactly her type based on her previous partners. They all had, all of them, shared this phenotype - Zev, Pierce, Kershov… and now this stranger as well. But it was more than just an appreciation for his rippling muscles and physical fitness - there was an emotional component tied to him that she could not explain. But she also could not fight against it - she was helpless in the current that was sweeping her toward him, and it was not a feeling that she enjoyed. This varg was a creature that enjoyed most to be in control, almost obsessively - she preferred to make the war plans, lead the hunt, make the sexual advances, and choose who she spent time with. The fact that she was drawn to the hessian in front of her without any prior history was unsettling to say the least.

Yet she could not resist him, not with the magical aphrodisiac coursing through both her and his veins, pulling the pair of them together.

If he had neared her as she had so requested, she would press against him. But if it was something different, if he stayed opposing her, she would go to him, her nuzzle dipping its way into his shoulder. Either way, she would meet her goal. As she nuzzled against him, she used the opportunity to palpate his muscles to see if they were actually present under his flesh as compared to being a figment of her imagination, an illusion brought on by his pelt… and found they they were in fact well earned… but she also would inhale deeply to taste his cologne on her tongue’s palate – it already seemed familiar to her and yet she knew she had never met him before. Even as she extracted each of the scents layered upon his fur, she found no additional clues as to who he was or why they had been brought together,

With a frown, the fae pulled away, her hackles bristling down her dorsum slightly in a wave. It did not make any sense – she had been brought up to choose her mates based on their ability and likelihood to create strong, viable pups. And though she had indded fallen in love before… a fewtimes… she had spent great lengths of time with each of those specimens. They had become friends first, earning each other’s respect before anything had come of it. This was different.

And by now, her thoughts were overly redundant. She was uncomfortable – that was all there was to it.But if she couldnot change how she felt, she could at least discover who he was and why she was attracted to him… and it would all start with a name.

I am Athene, member of Uyaraut pack.
My mind seems to know you but a name I lack.
Would you grant me knowledge of exactly that
Afterward, we can continue on with this little chat…

|| Belongs to Herself || Gwyneira, Sergei, Bellerophon, Gwenllian || Uyaraut ||


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