i don't wanna die

Bohdi cast a glance over her shoulder as the nice goddess-dead-lady-of-the-dead came to join her at the crack. Aura gave her instructions and stood back, waiting. Bohdi eyed her for a moment. She was impulsive to the point of foolishness most of the time, but... How did she know Aura wasn't going to leave her here? Just... abandon her to the murky waters of wherever-the-heck-that-is? And if she did that, then how would Bohdi get back? Surely she'd have to come back and get her eventually, especially if Bohdi caused enough of a racket to get the attention of... whomever it was that would care about such a thing. And if there was one thing Bohdi was good at, it was making a racket. And breaking things, which may also come in handy eventually. After a brief internal debate, she flashed a reckless grin that would have made Osulf groan.

"Okay, bye for now!" she announced, and then, without even pausing to consider where she'd land, Bohdi pounced through the crack.

She landed, crouched, somewhere dark and wet. The current spiraled around her, plucking curiously at her clothing and hair as if wondering what strange and unusual creature had found this place. A passing thought caused the gills of the mako shark to appear on her throat; the water here tasted... old, stale somehow, and cold. She shivered, casting a backward glance towards where she'd come. She saw nothing, no seeping crack into the Realm Between Realms, but she didn't have time to think or worry about that now. Right now she had something to do, something important.

If only she could remember what it was... Bohdi frowned, scratching her hair as she scanned her murky surroundings. After a second, she gave a half-shrug as if to say "well, it'll come to me eventually". Her body shifted, claimed the form of the mako completely, and off she went to do... whatever it was she was supposed to do. She swam, and swam, and swam, for so long that she remembered and then forgot again what it was she was after.

And then she saw it, the faint gleam of gold shivering in the light of her glowing yellow gaze. She became fairy once more, gills fluttering at her throat. She stood at the top of a cliff beneath the sea, and on the ledge beneath her lie what she sought. It should be easy; in this water she could very easily swim down to the ledge and back up in moments, and be on her way with Aura soon after. But... something kept her at the top of the cliff, convinced her to crouch low and quiet and still for a moment.

Her patience was rewarded when, in the inky black depths, spirals of darkness began to twist and turn. Giant tentacles, she saw as one swiped just a tad too close to her face for her comfort. She backed away, shifting her position so that a large boulder protected her as she edged forward once more and peered down below. A giant octopus, larger than anything she'd ever seen (which was saying rather a lot, since not long ago she'd met what she'd been certain was the biggest octopus ever), stirred below. But its movement wasn't... right. Octopus were fast and agile, sure, but this... this creature moved in blurs, lighter shadows in the inky depths. And it was angry, thrashing around wildly, lashing out at anything and everything it its path. One tentacle shot forward, up into the darkness...

And it was then, to her horror, that she realized the darkness was not the result solely of depth - though that, of course, must play a part - but primarily because of the massive creature lurking above. After a moment of hesitation, far shorter than what any sensible creature would have, Bohdi shifted to her mako form and shot upwards, a sleek silver bullet. She circled the thing once, twice, then dashed far ahead and rose up to eye-level. This... this was unlike anything she'd ever seen before. It's roots were shark-like, had to be, but she couldn't tell if they had evolved or devolved. It was massive, big enough to fit several of her mako forms into its mouth in one bite, and heavily scarred from past battles. The octopus, or whatever it was that lurked in the pit below, lashed out at it with long tentacles, slashing at any part it could reach without making much of an impact, while the shark-beast happily snapped up anything that wandered too near to its mouth.

Bohdi winced as one of the tentacles slapped across the shark's face, drawing its ire. Where once it had been simply an eating machine, not after any one thing in particular but quite happy to snack on anything foolish enough to get in its way, now it had a target. It's massive body turned on a dime, far quicker than Bohdi had expected, and she zipped away hurriedly. As the shark dove into the depths of the pit, the octopus-creature rose to meet it. In the dead silence of the deep ocean the two locked on to one another, all gnashing jaws and flailing limbs. Bohdi took advantage of the conflict to dash into the pit, snapping up her lioness figurine. As the battle increased, sending currents of power out across the ocean floor, Bohdi found herself flying end over end away from the battle, nearly swallowing the item in the process.

"Uh... Lady? Lady, I'm ready to come home now?" she called mentally. The dead lady was a goddess, right? So she should be able to hear her... somehow? Better to try it outloud, too, she supposed. "Mer reffy a come ham newwwww!"


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