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Re(1): It's still the same problem

I don't disagree, I WANT the officer to go Rambo on perps ass. I want him to go in. I would call him a bitch at knee-jerk reaction. I agree he has a duty to protect. I just don't think he would have been successful.

Regardless of HPs delusion, I'll go back to Mr. Fireman. Yes, go into a single family home with a small fire. Don't go into the WTC. I think the men who started climbing stairs "knowing they would die" were foolish. Brave yes, still foolish. All they accomplished was leaving more families without fathers.

This isn't the WTC, it's certainly less than that, but it's well above a single family home. Grey area, as we all keep saying.

Again, my emotions and ego want to kick him in the balls and throw him in. At least slowly creep in and secure one or two rooms and gain intel. Analytically, I don't think the risk/reward was there :/

At the end of the day, everything happened as it "should". He failed to act as his supervisors thought he should have. So he resigned. Unfortunately, that's the end of the story. He wasn't fit to do the job, now he doesn't have the job. Unless you want to draw and quarter him what else can be done?

Ps, good point on disrupting the methodical shooter. FIBSA factor goes a long way sometimes.


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