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Re(1): Gun Control

It seems we have two issues here: The first involves gun control, and the second involves liberty. Itís clear that we cannot have gun control without abolishing or modifying the Second Amendment, and that has to come about by enacting and ratifying a new Constitutional Amendment. Iím in favor of this to the extent that the States are given the power to decide what gun control measures apply to their citizens. As to the issue of liberty, simply stated the absolute guarantee of public safety requires that we give up certain aspects of the liberty we enjoy in our daily life. This is already happening in some states and cities, and the public safety of their citizens seems far from being guaranteed. The problem is the savagery of law breakers and the timidity of the courts to deal harshly with them while at the same time allowing judges to make capricious rulings that overreach their authority. We donít seem capable of pleasing everybody, so for a change letís try pleasing the majority


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