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The Pretender

Name: Eisukuro Hogai

Age: Adult

Sex: Male

Appearance: Tall - even for a kalak, towering over many of his fellow warriors as they stand in formation. And with this impressive height, Eisukuro possesses dense ropes of iron muscle, so that one might call him "athletic" or "powerful" or "lithe" before they ever called him "thin." A melanistic kalak, this warboy is painted in pure shadow, with only the faintest undertones of auburn when sunlight hits his midnight robes. This darkness helps his silver Zaba markings stand out all the brighter: his mother's slave mark stamped over one eye, his father's soldier mark slashed over the other. His own marking is a gladiator's diamond, framed by geometric designs that form a sort of crown across his brow. The eyes that glare out at the world are a pale, pale green . . . a bloodless, icy shade without warmth or depth.

History: born to a slave mother and a warrior father, like many other maned wolves in the clan. Born to be fodder. Born to run headlong into battle, to hold back the enemy long enough for the real soldiers to seek victory. Born to spill his blood for the glory of Faraway. Born to die. But somewhere along the line, as he watched his mother suffer endlessly, as he got up from the mud in which they'd relentlessly shoved him into, Eisukuro found passion. He reached deep inside himself and realized that if he wanted to change his fate - and that of his mother - he would have to do more than swallow dirt and passively march to his grave. So Eisukuro worked hard. Harder than anyone. And he clawed his way up the ranks until he secured himself a reasonable amount of power. Now, all the dark knight has to do is wait for the right opportunity . . .

Puppeteer: xathira

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