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Savory; Salted, Though Shalt Be


Sleep, Sleep, tender, mild,
Meaty, sweet & juicy child.
Sleep, Sleep: Sleep a sleep
Soft as is an infant sheep.

Sweet Babe, restful Lump,
Rest thy limbs & belly plump,

Name: Sindicate

Age: Adult

Gender: Male

Appearance: Sindicate is an ivory wolf cloaked with ebony that runs like dripping tar from his nares to the tip of his flag. It literally looks like someone dumped hot tar on the beast as symmetrical tracks run down the sides of his body; behind his ears, along his scapulas etc. The wolf has ice blue eyes that are just the right color to appear teal in the right light. He is a large wolf, part Iberian part Eurasian, part psycho. Sin's most unique feature is the red "paint" that stains his face and legs. He wears red to mimic the blood of his victims. There is a red streak across his eyes, stripes along his maw to mimic his hidden daggers, dripping from behind his auds down his cheeks and then he has 3 red bands around his front right leg. The bands around his leg are permanent, scarred and dyed into his body from the claws of his now dead mother.

Breed:Iberian X Eurasian

Personality: Sindicate is a cruel, ruthless beast of a wolf. He follows no law but his own and laughs in the face of anyone who tries to defy him or tell him what to do. Not only does he find pleasure in murder, but he is a cannibal as well. The best way to describe the demon is "savage", savage in every way imaginable. He is an excellent alpha, powerful and intelligent. He plans everything meticulously, protects his pack and maintains order. Just don't let him know you are weak, don't let him find out you have pity on the lupine you just feasted upon, and don't let him see you betray him. Sindicate has no bleeding heart, no underlying softness to his soul. He is dark and terrible and your worst nightmare.

History: Sindicate comes from a branch off of Athene's old pack. He left them to create his own pack, become his own murderous ruler and create his own laws. If you want something done right, do it yourself and that's exactly what he intends to do. That, and to seek revenge for his favorite cousin, they were practically brothers, who was murdered only because someone else told a lie. He was also Nimueh's brother. Sin won't stand for his family dying without reason. It drove him mad, cracking any sign of "humanity" he had left. He left his pack and came to blossom, drawn in by the surge of power he had felt. He entered wanting the power for himself.

OOC: Pompeii


Jellied arms & legs & butt:
Every tender, juicy cut.

Savory, salted thou shalt be,
Season'd most deliciously.
Sleep, Sleep: Disease will both
Spoil thy meat & spoil the broth.

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