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Iíll shoot for in the middle here

I think a few excellent points have already been made. The sport has splintered in regard to teams, support, and attention in general. Social media isnít just destroying powerlifting, itís real life relationships in general. Raw is easier to train alone, but you get what you get there.
Next, the strength differentials arenít drastically different from the late 90s and early 2000s. Thereís more instafame and more consistent people doing numbers, but the numbers themselves arenít drastically changing. Gear is, was, and will be the only way to ever truly push the extremes. Shirted benching is an art form lost on a lot of recent lifters. Iíve always enjoyed the shit talking, because itís what every solid equipped bencher knows...just wait until they try a shirt on and eat shit.
Who knows what the future holds, but unless somehow there is a move back toward groups getting back together, youíve got a limited pool of potential. Hoff, Coker, Sumner, and Minuth have done some crazy shit, but itís going to be interesting to see if it grows, treads water, or just continues to fall away.


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