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Geared benching was fun to watch, people were still learning how to use it and the numbers kept getting broken, that was the fun part. I think that has plataued. Squatting is kind of the same, the biggest strongest geared squats were probably still Brent Mikesell. The broken records were just higher. If you look at the squats that break records now they look very similar to the ones Mike Miller did that had everyone freaking out. Once numbers stopped going up Geared lifting and guys really just started fishing for lifts, it kind of lost its luster. Also, i am a guy who makes a very good living and has a serious career and family, that basically eliminates geared lifting from my life. During the time when everyone was in gear, it was a little embarrasing in the gym when half the gym goers were stronger than the powerlifters putting on 4 layers of squat gear to squat 600 only to go on to pull a 425 deadlift. The guys you are making fun of in the meets benching 315 were there 10-15 years ago benching 405 in a shirt. Not sure what the issue is with that. Raw lifting has the potential to get more guys lifting competitively. Geared lifting is more fun though. That is not even a question. That being said, from a guy with no dog in the race geared lifting would probably need to be condensed into one fed with all the good guys where they actually compete against each other once or twice a year, that is it. I could be wrong, but you have to do something better to compete with a form of lifting (raw) where guys can walk out of the gym and go to a meet in a couple days and think nothing of it.


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