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You've made some valid points. Equipped made a mistake of passing squats and benches that were above parallel, butt raised, etc. It was demotivating to others. Equipped lifters training hard to be the next big thing thought it was unfair and it created an atmosphere of uncertainty. On the flipside no person should be expected to lift and be a ballerina as the usapl/ipf'rs are forced to do. Below parallel is all the game expects. Beyond that is cheating in the other direction. Mike Miller was a great lifter but his infamous squat was clearly judged wrong. The squats after his weren't that extremely high, not even close. Equipped could have kept its standards of depth which were visibly below parallel, or 1/4" - 1/2" depending on the visual ability of the ref. This would have kept enthusiasm high, and all the up-and-comers knowing what to train for. Equipped is fun as you say, and will come back strongly only when it gains its consistency again.

As far as the guys in the gym you mention who squat 600 suited up, this is in reality a badge of honor. Those who think they could lift more raw than the suited guy could lifted raw, are weaklings of mind because they're merely talkers not doers and would be in for a big surprise if they dared to suit up. Perhaps these vapor lifters know this, thus they flap their jowls instead. The suited guy dared to suit up and lift what he could. .......You have to start somewhere...right??? A true lifter would pat these guys on the back and encourage them to continue, not try to tear them down like the jealous, scared individuals in need of psychotherapy. The truth is the suited guy put 600 on his back and lifted it, not the few malcontents grumbling in the corner spending all their training time naysaying on the web. The real men of powerlifting know these truths.


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