Re(6): Jai-ala Fun Facts # 7 - win a used Matt Ball

Some people are likely confused. I had an old trivia question "What is the total elapsed time in a 15 round championship fight". Asking that question over a hundred times over the years and nobody would get it.

That answer was 59 minutes.

How do you get that?

15 rounds x 3 minutes a round = 45 minutes.

1 minute break between rounds = 14

There is no break after round 15, thus the 14.

Total = 59 minutes. That 59 number does not sound right but it is.

Your 12 round version is correct. Let me know when you make your visit (its been 4 years now) and I will have a
ball for you! Or you could call Direct Express Courier!

I Was Sam

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