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Actually no, wait, don't get out of here - we want you back! We miss you a lot! Azura basically covered the bases; she is the main admin now, and I help her out. Casey also floats around as an extra admin, and Liberty and Pompeii assist us from time to time. The community is quite small right now, but close-knit - we did indeed have dingbats that shook us up, but now they're gone and we are better for it.

As a more in-depth summary of what Blossom is like now . . . a massive surge of buried magic erupted from the depths of the Cavern of Secrets, awakening the magical blood of the Tempests - wolves related to Kalgalath and Aindreas, if you remember them. Tempests are vampire hunters . . . because, scarily enough, that magical eruption also created Blossom Forest's first vampire: Draven. He and those he has turned have turned others as well, and the "vampire pack" is Caidir Olc - what used to be Malignant Felicity.

The reason the packs all have new names is because Blossom Forest has "awoken" back to its original, primal, magic-infused state. The "new" names of the packs are really the "true" names. The very landscape has totally altered (you can read Kershov's thread with Milo if you want an idea of what happened).

Magic occasionally builds up in nodes, where it leaks into the environment and mutates random wolves. This is what is happening at the Mutation Events you might see in some of the free lands. Possible mutations are antlers (creating Cervid wolves), scales (creating Vipera wolves) and feathers (creating Avian wolves - Kershov is an avian now!).

The Arcus Irae are a species of wolf who are RAINBOW. My girl Losa is an example, but there are a couple lovely Irae cuties running around. They're tightly connected to Tempests.

We've got a few new bloodlines being discussed on the Plot Board, which is under the Chatter section. The new maned wolves are already in Blossom, but the Nanakia and the Chiroptera are brand new and looking to gain plots/footing!

Uhhh I think that's about it? I know it seems like a lot, but you could totally jump back in <3

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