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Returning....? Mods? Help?

I have no idea if anyone on this site will remember me. It has been literal years since I've visited Blossom Forest. I don't even remember the screen name I used to go by. Things are so different here now, and I have no idea how things work.

Hopefully someone here will remember one of my old characters. My favourite, and probably best-known was Ryuk, an old alpha of Spring Grounds. Larger than the average timber wolf? Finished sentences with "yeah?" like some weird verbal tick? Anyone?

Like I said, I have no idea how things work around here. I'd like to "revive" Ryuk, if possible, and will go through whatever necessary channels to do so. I can make a whole new joining post and start from scratch, if that would make everyone's lives easier. I don't mind - I just liked his character a lot and want to get back into writing.

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