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Re-joining Riuk

Name: Riuk
Age: Adult
Appearance: A timber wolf, larger in stature than the average, and darker of coat. Bright amber eyes which contrast sharply with his darker face. He also sports a number of jagged scars across the left side of his face and down his neck, as well as on his flank, as the result of past conflicts (see history).
Personality: Once an easy-going, laid-back wolf, he was hardened by his time as alpha of a now-dead pack and the hard battle he fought to win the title. He remains proud and confident, but is conscious of his time away from Blossom Forest and is humbled by it. A few traces of his once-jovial nature still remain, but it takes quite a bit of cajoling to break through his stoic exterior.

History (abbreviated for the sake of simplicity): once the beta of Spring Grounds, he was forced to rise to fight bitterly against a challenger when his alpha fled. He won the battle, and took the title of alpha for himself, causing a rift between himself and the former alpha (Stormy Horizons). The two never properly reconciled. There is also existing tension between Riuk and Vladimir, who have had multiple conflicts in the past.

Riuk had disappeared from the forest for a time for reasons unannounced, but has returned and is dismayed to find his former territory in its sorry state. His best bet will likely to be to find those who might remember him and try to make a new home for himself elsewhere.


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